Environmentalists for Effective Education (the grantor) requires that a statement signed and
dated by a fiscal agent and indicating acceptance of full responsibility for expenditure of
grant funds accompany each proposal submitted.

Change of Address

The grantor asks to be notified promptly of any change(s) of address(es) affecting a grant's
principal investigator(s). Please contact by letter, phone, fax, or email the appropriate
program assistant.

Change of PI

If a change of principal investigator(s) occurs while a grant is active, the grantor requires written notification of the party or parties accepting responsibility for the grant.


It is the Environmentalists for Effective Education's policy not to pay indirect costs on any proposal requesting an award of $75,000 or less. For research grant proposals requesting over $75,000, the Foundation will pay indirect costs equaling up to 15% of the direct costs of the proposed project. If the proposal includes a subcontract, the subcontract budget itself may include the 15% indirect cost charges, but the subcontract total may not be included in the main budget when calculating the overall indirect cost charges for the project. The grantor does not pay government-approved overhead rates on research grants. The following expenses are examples of charges the grantor considers institutional infrastructure costs and will not allow as direct costs in a research budget: office rent, grants and contracts office expenses, institutional and departmental administrative expenses, institutional and departmental information technology expenses, and accounting and legal services.

The grantor reviews each budget individually for the appropriateness of the direct costs being requested.

Interested parties should contact David Golder at grants@effective-ed.org.