The Sierra Club Agrees

We're not the only environmentalists that see the threat of urban sprawl and believe improving education could be the answer! The Sierra Club Website gives an overview of urban sprawl, opening with this statement, "Poorly planned development is threatening our environment, our health, and our quality of life." 

Even more telling are the statistics they share on schooling:

"Sprawl crowds our children's schools. Sprawl creates crowded schools in the suburbs and empty, crumbling schools in center cities. New development puts more children in suburban schools, but does not pay for the new schools that inevitably must be built. According to Florida's Department of Education, 17,738 temporary or trailer classrooms are currently in use in that state, and a report by the Conference Board claims that 20 percent of school kids in California learn in temporary classrooms."

But even better, the Sierra Club suggests a solution... "Advocating for revitalization of already developed areas through measures such as attracting new businesses, reducing crime and improving schools;"

BUT how do we improve school and revitalize communities? Learn more here.

Photography by Derek Finch