The Highlight of Our Year

Today, many people will be sitting at work or going about their daily schedules with food on the brain. It’s almost Turkey Time, and families across America are thinking about travel plans and which item on the Thanksgiving menu they’re responsible for. But between your packing list and your last minute grocery store items, we hope you get a quiet moment to reflect on the things you are grateful for this year.

As an organization, we are thankful that some of our research and outreach is slowly beginning to creep into legislation conversations in a variety of states. For an organization that shares research and educates communities, seeing the tangible fruit of ideas spreading is the highlight of our year.

So, this year we are incredibly thankful for model legislation like this, and the people who continue to connect us to communities who are hungry for effective education policy. Click here to see how this research is moving from idea to action:


We are also so grateful to those of you who read our work and continue to share it with people who can prompt the kind of changes that revitalize struggling communities..

Want to know what to share? Here are great resources for learning more:

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Our Weekly Blog:

A Featured Podcast: Renewing Our Cities

And for the dedicated reader, our research page.

Again, thank you for your support, and if you’re new to our work, we’re glad you’re visiting. Stay awhile on our website, and take a look around!

Happy Thanksgiving!