Best of 2018

Here at Environmentalists for Effective Education, we want to know what topics and research you care most about. One of the things we love about our work is having great conversations with you.

Below we are sharing the Top 5 Blogs of 2018. These are the discussions that had the most views and created the most conversation. Make sure you didn’t miss anything from 2018.

  1. No One-Size-Fits-All School System

    What kind of school system we aspire to have should be our driving question. Hear the story of a family who is looking for something different.

  2. Why Stop at Research?

    A non-profit working with researchers at Harvard has created a way to map “opportunity.” Can a neighborhood determine your future?

  3. Does School Choice Accelerate Gentrification?

    Gentrification, a term that might be misunderstood the same way “fats” were once considered evil by the dieting world…

  4. Border Crossings

    In 2011, Kelly Williams-Bolar was jailed for taking her two daughters across the district border to attend school. Her desire for a better life for her kids not only derailed her opportunity to finish a teaching degree, but it also separated her from the children she was trying to care for.

  5. School Districts Play a Role In Pollution

    Not only is the EPA concerned, as we are, about urban sprawl, but the organization holds schools and school districts responsible for playing a role in increasing pollution. Read more here.