Education satire tells truth

The Onion is famous for its satire, and its ability to catch the scrolling internet reader off guard. The articles are so cleverly written, verging on truth, that they are known to make readers furious until they discover their mistake - it’s all a joke. But that’s the beauty of satire, isn’t it? It may make us laugh but, as described in this literary resource, its function is not jest, but “to warn the public and to change people’s opinions about the prevailing corruption and conditions in society.” So, how do schools best prepare students for adult life, The Onion has the scoop!

“[New research] found that grade schoolers experiencing routine systemic disappointment during early education were more than three times as likely to accept drifting through a series of disappointing careers and relationships in adulthood as normal.”

Yes, you read that correctly. The Onion used this article to “laud” the disappointing state of the nation’s schools as the perfect preparation for students’ sad futures. Even better, in another quote, the article points out several “rich school districts” that are teaching a false sense of meaningfulness and causing concerns.


As many students head back to school in August, we point to this mockery, asking you to reflect on the situation of schools. “Bureaucracy, red tape, and a deep sense of resentment” - these are obviously not things we want our children to associate with learning. 

So, what are we doing about the fact that this is what school is like for many students in the US? The economic fault lines drawn by school districts are a sad reality, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Reread about what we’re up to and email us if you’re interested in how we can change your community. We want to hear from you, and we’re always interested in connecting with our readers.