Is our son an idiot?

“It’s not that we don’t want the best for him, we just don’t know if he’s going to be helplessly dumb, in which case his current school district is totally fine.” - The Onion

This hilarious Onion article pokes fun at the tensions many families feel as they try to navigate decisions about where to send their children to school and/or whether to move in order to be located in a better school district. Obviously, no parent feels that their child should receive a below-par education. So, families, living in districts with bad schools, often leave those districts when their children reach school age (if they can). Families that don’t have the financial means to move to a better school assignment are stuck in place. They literally have no say in how their children spend their days in school. And because families, who can afford to move do so, poor families are left behind with worse schools, worse job opportunities, and higher crimes rates.

But for families who can move, the reality is many of them are putting their children’s needs over the families own desires. Young families are interested in staying in more diverse urban areas or areas that are more affordable, but when their children reach school age, they prioritize education above these things. But what if we could empower families to have more control over both the neighborhoods they can live in and the educational opportunities of their children? What if they could have the best of both worlds? Read this silly article over at the Onion, and then get to know a better solution here.